My News article

This week for homework we had to choose a news article to write about, i chose to write about an article from the dominion post which you can also go read more about here, basically what this article is about is Yuliya Stepanova, an Olympic runner hoping to compete this year at the Rio Olympics, she has now been banned from competing this year by telling on Russia for doping all their athletes. Now you would think that if a country was cheating you would disqualify them not the person who exposed the cheaters and is clean. One of the facts that is being used against her is that in 2013 she was taking drugs, Yuliya complains that she was forced to take them and is one of the reasons she told on Russia. I  am appalled that IOC has decided to disqualify Yuliya for exposing the cheats and really frustrates me how they could possibly think that its the right decision

Comment what your thoughts are ?


100 word challenge (poem)

My favourite colour is orange. I love the way it sounds and feels as I say it. I imagined what it would be like if all I could see was orange. An orange sky, an orange sea, orange land. When i want to feel happy i think of the bright orange sun.


My second favourite colour is green, I love how it soothes me and makes me think of the trees and bushes, I imagined what it would be like if all I could see is green. Green hills, green sky, green sea. Green makes me feel safe.


My Sweet Pizza

This week i really wasn’t sure what to do for homework, and i had actually been wanting to do this for a couple of weeks and now i finally did it. The idea of this homework is to bake something then blog about it, you can even change the recipe a bit and that’s why i made a sweet pizza and i changed it. (obviously)

For my sweet pizza i made a Nutella stuffed crust, Hersheys chocolate sauce for the base sauce and i added m’ms for a topping. (and i made the dough myself) 


As ugly and unimpressive it might look it tasted delicious, it was gone very quickly and the stuffed crust and the whole combination of everything went perfectly.

Thank you for reading my post 

Bye 🙂 


100 word challenge

it was a dark stormy night, by now it didn’t scare me because i was too used to the loud noises of the big booming lightning, however i am worried he will come tonight. This is the third time and i have no more places to hide in that he doesn’t know. He will only stay for twelve minutes exactly and i  am scared his blades will just get sharper and sharper, hide and seek gets taken to a whole new level when he comes as the flame flickered and then went out, “ready or not here my knife comes” …


i can’t be bothered

hi guys i would just like to say sorry for not posting something for such a long time and i really need to be better at keeping track on when i have to post or to do anything, i think i struggle to post something every week is because, i struggle to talk about nothing. I have come up with a cool idea to make a recipe page and every week two weeks i will put up another recipe. Why have i decided to do this, well, the answer is easy, over this year i have started to bake a heap more than i used too and now i am addicted, its not even cause i want to eat them or to get some awesome bragging rights( even though some bragging rights every so often is pretty cool) just because i love just going through the procedure. P.S i will not do this on the weekends cause no one will look at them.

so yeah i can’t think of anything else, bye 🙂

this will be quick

i am just going to say even though you probably won’t care but anyway i am making my weekly paragraph a once every two weeks thing because i am lazy and forgetful and can never remember to post anything so yeah bye that’s all i needed to say. 🙂

homework (story)

this weeks homework idea is coming from the student blogging challenge

you can go to the site here or if you just want the image then click here 
“It looks freezing in their  Harry ” said Snow
” I know its not like i’m not looking forward to it” i exclaimed
“well than why are you doing it? Asked Snow
“its complicated” i said while taking a big gulp as i looked at what was ahead of me. “Didn’t your parents tell you to never go swimming at this time of the year?
“yes and that’s exactly why i am doing it” i said, Snow had a very confused look on his face, ” see the thing is Snow, you know how everyone always calls me a Goodie Goodie?
 “yes i am very assure of that” Snow said still looking very confused with the situation
“well my theory is that if i just do some bad things for once they will stop calling me that” “your delusional Harry” said Snow suddenly i heard lot’s of other cubs running down. 
” well if it isn’t Harry polar” 
“what are you doing here Mako? said Snow 
” he probably needs some more time to think of a less stupid name i suppose”
“for your information Harry i am named after a beautiful warm island in Australia that everyone loves your like my opposite” Mako happens to be the meanest cub in the area 
“what do you want Mako? i asked very firmly, 
” I’ve come down for a swim, but it looks like you beat me to it, well go on then, unless your too chicken that is”,
i took a nervous gulp as i walked closer and closer to the edge by now my toes were hanging of the side of the cold ice , i sighed my last sigh as i got ready to jump, i bent my knees ready to launch at the icy water i dived my greatest dive and then.
now you finish the story in the comments

i’m back

yes i’m back, back with something you probably won’t care about but you know what , i don’t really care, i don’t care what you think ( but i probably should because you guys are the people reading my posts not me ) but when i say that i mean i don’t care about negative things you might think about me, like that most of my post are boring and corny, which they probably are but the thing is …  I DON’T CARE! so yeah, i would change the things that i am writing in my posts but i don’t have any creative ideas to do for a weekly paragraph.

for anybody that is reading this right now i would like to ask you what you want me to write weekly cause i know that some of the stuff that i might like to write or put on my blog probably doesn’t interest you to where it should. Please comment down below what you want me to do for the upcoming week

p.s don’t write anything too crazy , thanks byeee